Seek Advice with a Professional Energy Audit

Do your own research

The U.S. Department of Energy describes the components of a professional energy audit.

Most of the South Dakota Energy Smart partners, which are the state's energy providers, offer various energy audit tools, ranging from
do-it-yourself check lists to online energy calculators to blower door tests. Check your provider's Web site or contact them for information.

If you want more guidance in analyzing the energy efficiency of your home, farm or business, you may want to consider having a professional energy audit done. Trained technicians use a variety of tools and methods to check your building envelope, heating and cooling systems and other components that contribute to the comfort and efficiency of your building.

Professional energy audits generally go into great detail. The energy auditor should do a room-by-room examination of the residence, as well as a thorough examination of past utility bills.

Thermography detects defects
Focusing on farm energy use
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