Don't fall for these summer saving scams

The internet is full of helpful tips to help you minimize your energy use and save money while you’re at it, but there are also some tips that may not be as “helpful” as they claim to be.

Here are a few summer energy efficiency myths to watch out for:

  1. Cool your house down quickly by setting your thermostat really low —Setting your system to a lower temperature does not speed up the cooling time. The HVAC will work at the same pace until it reaches a certain temperature. Plus, you’ll be wasting a lot of energy if you forget to reset your thermostat later. Instead, just set it where you want it. Or better yet, get a programmable thermostat. A programmable thermostat allows your home to maintain set temperatures throughout the day and will ensure your home is at your desired temperature when you arrive home at the end of the day.
  2. Save energy by shutting the vents in unused rooms — This can backfire. Turns out, shutting vents can actually put extra strain on your system. Most central air systems are designed to distribute air throughout the entire house. Shutting the vents to a particular space creates extra air pressure within the system. This air pressure change can lead to mechanical or ductwork problems and any summer energy saving you achieve may be negated by higher repair costs.
  3. Run ceiling fans all the time to help keep the house cool — Fans are great way to cool you down, but they should only be used in the room that you’re currently occupying. Fans make you feel cool because the breeze they create cools your skin. They don’t, however, change the temperature in the room itself. If there isn’t anyone there to benefit from the breeze, you’re better off turning it off and saving some electricity.

Keep these myths in mind while you cool your house this summer. For additional tips and tricks for saving energy this season, visit Black Hills Energy’s Keeping Energy Affordable blog.

Information from Black Hills Energy
May 2017