Energy Efficiency News for South Dakotans

November 2016

Learn how to save energy and lower your heating bill this winter

With the first big storm of winter well underway, MidAmerican Energy Co. wants customers to take steps to winterize their homes...…(read more)

Shower vs. iron: The most energy-efficient way to get wrinkle-free

Some might call it the lazy man’s wrinkle releaser. Instead of reaching for the iron, you turn on a hot shower and hang a garment in the bathroom for a quick steam to get out the creases. But that shortcut might be costing you a lot on your energy bill (and a few angry family members who had to take cold showers..…(read more)

Daylight Saving: A perfect time to switch to LED light bulbs

For many of us, daylight saving time marks the beginning of shorter days.  In the coming months, most households will rely more on lights to illuminate their homes so there’s no better time for consumers to make the switch to LED light bulbs. ..…(read more)

September 2016

Fall into energy savings

The official start of autumn is just a few days away. Before fall temperatures grow colder and colder, try to do a little cold weather preparation to start the season off right. Follow these tips to ensure your home stays warm, efficient, and affordable through the colder seasons..…(read more)

Stovetop challenge: Induction versus gas

Fall is nearly here and the time for soup, stew and chili is just around the corner. Before you start your simmer, consider that how you heat your pot could impact your energy bill. Most stoves have a gas or electric range, but induction cooking is gaining steam.  To determine which heating method reigns supreme, Paul Scheckel of Home Energy Pros put induction cooking to the test for energy efficiency..…(read more)

Energy saving tips from Power Forward

With fall right around the corner and kids back at school, your house may be feeling a little empty. Perk up! Now is your chance to save money by cutting back on energy usage.  Heartland Consumer Power District’s Power Forward program is here to help you get started.…(read more)

August 2016

Black Hills Energy teams up with the Arbor Day Foundation to provide energy- saving trees to customers

In partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation’s Energy-Saving Trees initiative, Black Hills Energy will distribute approximately 1,100 free trees to customers. The 3- to 4-foot-tall dormant trees will be delivered directly to customers for fall planting in October..…(read more)

Heartland awards energy efficiency grants for lighting upgrades

Three Heartland customers earned grants in July for energy efficient lighting upgrades. The cities of Lake Crystal and Madelia, Minnesota and Volga, SD replaced high pressure sodium street lights with LEDs. Volga also replaced fluorescent lighting at two municipal buildings with LED fixtures.…(read more)

July 2016

Manage cooling bills this summer with MidAmerican Energy’s Budget Billing program and energy-saving tips

Due to a warmer than normal spring, air conditioners worked overtime in June using 10 percent more energy than last year. Climbing summer temperatures can take energy bills to new heights, but cooling bills don’t have to skyrocket. MidAmerican Energy offers billing solutions and tips to help customers…(read more)

Stay comfortable this summer without breaking the bank

South Dakotans rely on their air conditioning to keep cool and stay comfortable during summer months. When hot sticky weather moves in, keeping your home cool can account for more than half of an electric bill. Developing a few simple conservation and efficiency habits can keep you comfortable during the summer heat without putting stress on your budget.…(read more)

Customers upgrade lighting, earn grants

Eight Heartland Consumers Power District customers were recently awarded energy efficiency grants for upgrading lighting. The cities of Groton, Colman and Bryant earned grants for upgrading high pressure sodium street lights to LEDs. Langford and Arlington also earned grants for upgrading their street lights along with various indoor and outdoor light fixtures at city facilities and structures. Fluorescent and incandescent fixtures at Miller’s city hall will also be upgraded.…(read more)

June 2016

Manage your cooling costs this summer with HomeCheck®

With this week’s temperatures expected to hit 90 degrees or higher, air conditioners
will be working longer and harder. MidAmerican Energy encourages customers to schedule a HomeCheck now in order to prevent cooling costs from heating up this summer...(read more)

Wash the energy waste out of your laundry

The average American family washes about 300 loads of laundry per year. Altogether, that laundry adds up to a lot of energy use! Here are some easy ways to reduce the amount energy you use in the laundry room..…(read more)

May 2016

Turn your workout into watts

Do you need a little extra motivation to get your cardio in? What if the time you spent on a stationary bike, elliptical or treadmill also kept the lights on? How about if you had to keep pedaling to see the end of the TV show you’re watching while you work out? It’s widely known that exercise is good for your health but advances in technology have now found a way to make it good for the environment and your wallet too..…(read more)

April 2016

Improve home efficiency with home energy audit

A home energy audit is an assessment of how much energy a home consumes and what steps can be taken to make the home more energy efficient. It identifies problems that may, when fixed, save homeowners a significant amount of money over time..…(read more)

LED light bulb prices drop more than 50 percent in one year

Prices on energy-saving LED light bulbs have dropped by more than 50 percent in the last year. “Like all new technology, the price of LEDs has dropped significantly over the last few years, making it an easy decision when it comes to deciding whether LEDs or incandescent bulbs provide more value,” said Tina Yoder, director, energy efficiency for MidAmerican Energy. “The lower the price, the faster you’ll earn your money back through energy savings.”.…(read more)

February 2016

Five easy ways to show some love for the environment on Random Acts of Kindness Day

Feb. 17, is National Random Act of Kindness Day. Sponsored by the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation (RAK), the day is intended to remind students, parents, schools, businesses and others that even small acts of kindness and consideration, when added together, can make a big difference in the world..…(read more)

January 2016

2016 brings changes to Heartland programs

Heartland Consumers Power District’s energy efficiency and economic development programs, designed to encourage the use of the most efficient products available in place of older, inefficient models, were popular with customers in 2015. In order to ensure Heartland continues to offer the best programs possible, a few changes have been made for 2016..…(read more)

Cut your energy costs this heating season with HomeCheck®

Jan. 10, 2016, is National Cut Your Energy Costs Day. In observance, MidAmerican Energy Co. advises customers to take advantage of HomeCheck as a first step in lowering their monthly bill and becoming more energy efficient..…(read more)


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