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December 2015

This holiday season, give the gift of energy savings

Are you searching for the perfect gift that will keep giving long after the holiday season ends? MidAmerican Energy Co. can help. Here are seven gift ideas, ranging from big-ticket items to stocking stuffers, which will help your family and friends save energy and money all year long .…(read more)


10 tips for space heater safety

As the weather grows colder, many folks turn to space heaters for added warmth. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, space heaters can save money on heating bills when they are used to heat or supplement inadequate heating in only one room. In addition, they can provide additional heat to those sensitive to the cold, commonly the elderly. .…(read more)

November 2015
Black Hills Power and West River Electric to host Electro-Technology Expo in January 2016

It seems like people are always looking for the next great discovery in energy efficiency. In an industry that’s always changing, it can be difficult to keep up with all the new products and information.  Even if you do manage to stay informed, all of the options can be overwhelming making it hard to know what is really worth your time and money. .…(read more)

Black Hills Power helps customers prepare for colder weather

This fall, over 30 volunteers helped show customers how to take care of their homes and checkbooks through the colder months. Customer service and energy efficiency experts identified candidates to receive the free service and performed an energy audit to determine each home’s requirements.…(read more)

October 2015
10 tips to save energy and money this heating season
With temperatures dropping and fall well underway, now is the ideal time to prepare your home for colder weather and use less energy this winter. Less energy can mean a lower monthly bill. Here are 10 tips from MidAmerican Energy Co. on how to winterize your home and keepp your money in you pocket …(read more)
June 2015
10 tips to help you save on summer cooling costs
With the thermometer expected to top 90 degrees this week, air conditioners will be working longer and harder to deal with the heat and humidity. This summer, don't let your cooling bills soar along with the temperatures. MidAmerican Energy Company offers customer 10 tips to beat the heat while making their homes and small businesses more energy efficient. ...(read more)
April 2015
Air leaks in your home may be costing you money
The amount of conditioned air lost through leaks in an average home is like having a window open every day, according to ENERGY STAR. And those leaks may be costing you money. Fortunately, sealing leaks is easy and inexpensive. And doing so will save you money and make your home more comfortable during both air-conditioning and heating seasons....(read more)

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