Are You Energy Smart?

How much do you know about energy efficiency? Take this multiple-choice energy efficiency quiz for fun to find out!

What is the life span of a compact fluorescent light (CFL)?
     a. 2 years
     b. 10 months
     c. 5 years
     d. 7 years

What symbol indicates a product is energy efficient?
     a. energy star
     b. apple
     c. heart
     d. moonbeam

What shape does the most-common CFL resemble?
     a. A trapezoid
     b. A curly fry
     c. A hexagon
     d. A pear

What are the best materials to help seal air leaks around windows?
     a. newspaper and glue
     b. bubblegum and salt water taffy
     c. weather stripping and caulk
     d. Styrofoam and cotton batting

A compact fluorescent light uses less energy than a traditional incandescent light bulb. How much less?
     a. 30% less
     b. 10% less
     c. 50% less
     d. 66% less

Most of the energy used for washing clothes is needed for …
     a. heating the water
     b. the rinse cycle
     c. the wash cycle
     d. the spin cycle

For best efficiency, at what temperature should your thermostat be set during the winter months?
     a. 78 degrees
     b. 68 degrees
     c. 62 degrees
     d. 45 degrees

To save energy while roasting food you should use the preheat setting on your oven …
     a. all the time
     b. 75% of the time
     c. sparingly, if at all
     d. 50% of the time

Where should you set your thermostat during the summer months to save some green?
     a. 60 degrees
     b. 55 degrees
     c. 68 degrees
     d. 78 degrees

What type of maintenance should be done to your water heater every three months?
     a. A quart of water should be drained from the tank.
     b. The valves should be replaced.
     c. The pipes should be replaced.
     d. It should be painted.

In the winter time, what should be open during the day and closed at night for best efficiency?
     a. fireplace flue
     b. window drapes
     c. your mouth
     d. storm door

What kind of thermostat should you use to help save energy?
     a. One you bought at a yard sale
     b. Your neighbor's
     c. A programmable thermostat
     d. A digital thermostat

Air can leak into your home from which of the following areas?
     a. fireplace
     b. electric outlets
     c. around door jambs
     d. all of the above

To help keep your furnace properly operating, how often should you replace its filter?
     a. every month
     b. twice a month
     c. every 2 years
     d. every year

Insulation is rated by its R value. What is R value?
     a. R value measures redness. The darker red the insulation, the better it is.
     b. R value measures thermal resistance, or how well the insulation holds back heat.
     c. The R stands for rip-proof. A high R value means the insulation will withstand    attempts to rip
     d. R value measures resiliency. The faster the insulation bounces back to its original size after
         being compressed is an indication of its quality.

What is a phantom load?
     a. The amount of power your cell phone battery has left when one low bar appears on the screen.
     b. The bag of treasure Scooby-Doo and the gang must recover from the Phantom of the Knight.
     c. Electricity consumed by any device while it is switched off.
     d. The burst of power that surges when an electrical device is switched on.

What is an energy audit?
     a. Comparing your energy bills to your five closest neighbors.
     b. Using energy, but getting no credit for it; similar to auditing a college course.
     c. An IRS review of your annual energy bills.
     d. An assessment of how much energy your home consumes and an evaluation of how to make
         it more energy efficient.

What should NOT be placed by your air conditioner's thermostat?
     a. Lamps or TV sets
     b. A microwave oven
     c. The cat's litter box
     d. A cactus plant

Why are exhaust fans good energy-efficient tools to use in the summer time?
     a. Because electric rates are lower in the summer.
     b. Using exhaust fans pulls excess heat and humidity out of the kitchen and bathroom.
     c. The noise of the fans running drowns out the sound of the kids saying “I'm bored.”
     d. Running the fans prevents hot outside air from leaking into the house.

What is an easy way to check the seals on your refrigerator to make sure they are airtight?
     a. Close the refrigerator door on your finger. If it hurts, the seal is tight enough.
     b. Run a compass along the seal. If the dial spins counterclockwise, it's time to replace the seal.
     c. Close door over dollar bill. If you can easily pull the bill out, the seal may need replacing.
     d. Place an ice cube in a bowl on a shelf. If it has melted five minutes later, you need to replace
         the seal.

To save energy and receive the same amount of light, you should replace a standard 75-watt incandescent light bulb with what?
     a. a 75-watt Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL)
     b. a 9-volt battery
     c. a 1978 Chevy Chevette compact car
     d. a 20-watt CFL

What landscaping technique will help keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer?
     a. Planting evergreens on the north side of your house and deciduous (leafy) trees on the south
     b. Transplanting dogwood trees around your electric meter.
     c. Planting radiant yellow azalea and rhododendron flowers underneath windows to reflect
         sunlight up to the glass.
     d. Installing Colorado River Rock around the window wells. In the winter, the rocks absorb heat
         and radiate it onto the home's foundation. In the summer, the rocks pull heat away from the

In the summertime, why should you do tasks such as laundry and dish washing in off-peak energy demand hours, typically after 8 p.m.?
     a. Appliances need more electricity to operate in daylight hours.
     b. It will increase electricity reliability during heat waves.
     c. That's when your spouse is available to do those tasks.
     d. Hot water heaters are programmed to operate at maximum efficiency after 8 p.m.

What are three characteristics of compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs)?
     a. They are energy hogs, have a short life and are hard to find.
     b. They work only in outdoor fixtures, cannot be used around pets and are a fire hazard.
     c. They use two-thirds less energy than incandescent bulbs, last up to 10 times longer and are
         cool to the touch.
     d. They are noisy, dim and the light produced has a purple glow.

The best way to help your refrigerator operate efficiently is to …
     a. Cool hot foods in the freezer compartment before transferring them to the fridge.
     b. Store heavy foods in the door, lighter foods on the shelves.
     c. Use only plastic food containers rather than glass or Styrofoam.
     d. Keep it full and limit the number of times the door is opened.