Season's greetings on heating

Although being energy efficient is important year-round, being energy smart during the holiday season is especially important.  The amount of money spent on heating and energy increases during these months, so it is helpful to know where you can save.

Preparing smaller meals for your family can help reduce the amount of energy required to feed your family in the coming months.  Fewer dishes that require the use of an oven, stove or microwave reduces energy usage, not to mention the time to prepare them.  Your waistline will thank you, too!

Using properly-sized pots and pans more efficiently heats your food.  Lids that are properly sized for your cookware trap the heat collected while cooking, shortening time and requiring less energy.

Pot on gas burnerThe less your oven door is open to check the holiday turkey, the more energy you conserve.  Each time the oven door is opened can reduce the temperature inside by 25 degrees.  Using an oven light to see how the bird is cooking adds up in energy cost savings.

Many homes during the holidays see an increased amount of cooking for family meals.  Use this opportunity to turn down the thermostat.  The radiant heat generated from the stove can warm your home so your furnace doesn't need to run as often.

Follow these energy efficiency tips and others on this site to save a sleigh-full on monthly energy bills this season.