New ENERGY STAR® rating recognizes top

energy-efficient products

Efficent Energy Star

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has developed a new pilot to identify and acknowledge the most energy-efficient products among those that qualify for the ENERGY STAR® designation. The ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient designation tells consumers the energy efficiency of a product represents approximately the top 5 percent most efficient products in that category.

The amount of energy savings varies by product. For example, refrigerator-freezers that are ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient are 30 percent more efficient when compared to standard models.

Visit the ENERGY STAR® website for a complete list of ENERGY STAR® and ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient-rated products and their energy savings. Increase the advantages of purchasing and installing an ENERGY STAR® product with rebates or incentives offered through your energy provider. See a list of energy efficiency rebates for South Dakotans for information.