Locate Leaks With a Blower Door Test

Image of a door with blower door test equipment applied.


  • Add caulk and weather stripping around windows and doors
  • Insert foam insulators behind outlet and switch plate covers
  • Replace old windows and storm doors with high-efficiency models. Look for the ENERGY STAR label, indicating the product has met strict energy-saving standards

A blower door test, performed by a trained technician, measures the amount of air leakage in a building. It identifies areas where air is escaping. That's air you are paying to be warm or cool. Problems often show up around windows, doors, recessed lights and kitchen ceiling areas.

To conduct the test, a blower door device is attached to an outside door of your home. A fan on the door pulls air from the house. The technician measures the differences in pressure and calculates the leakage rate. The technician points out problem areas and tells you what repairs are needed.

Blower Door Test Operators

A number of agencies and companies throughout South Dakota will perform residential blower door tests. Depending upon your income, some agencies can conduct tests for free or a modest fee; other companies may charge a service fee. Having a blower door test - and following through with the recommended improvements - is an Energy Smart move.