Image of power cord ends coming together.Partners in the South Dakota Energy Smart initiative include the South Dakota Public Utilities Commission and energy providers within the state. Each entity has pledged their support to improving energy efficiency in South Dakota.

South Dakota Energy Smart Partners

Black Hills Energy

Black Hills Energy offers a number of energy efficiency programs to its customers, primarily located in western South Dakota. Customers may apply for rebates on certain energy efficient purchases like lighting, as well as sign up for Home Energy Audits to pin point opportunities to increase home energy efficiency. BHE also partners with industry professionals, such as builders and architects, to educate consumers about energy efficiency.

Contact Black Hills Energy for more information about the company's commitment to energy efficiency.

Heartland Consumers Power District

Power Forward Logo

Heartland Consumers Power District is investing in energy efficiency to help meet the growing demand for electricity. Power Forward is a comprehensive energy efficiency program with the goals of advancing efficient practices in customer communities and educating customers about the benefits of efficient energy use. Power Forward is part of Heartland's dedication to preserving our environment and reducing long-term pressure on consumer electric ratesand provides rebates and incentives to customers for purchasing ENERGY STAR qualified heating and cooling equipment, installing lifetime warranty electric water heaters and upgrading to LED light bulbs.

More information as well as energy saving tips can be found at

MidAmerican Energy Company

Midamerican Energy AdvantageMidAmerican's EnergyAdvantage® programs are available for South Dakota residential and nonresidential customers to help save money on energy bills by making homes and businesses more energy efficient, all while helping reduce the demand on the natural resources needed to produce energy.

On MidAmerican's website, customers can find energy saving tips and complete an online home or business energy audit to receive recommendations for saving energy.

MidAmerican offers these additional energy efficiency programs:

Residential Programs:
  • HomeCheck®
  • Appliance Recycling
  • SummerSaver®

Nonresidential Programs:
  • Lighting Equipment
  • Heating and Cooling Equipment
  • Variable Speed Drives
  • Custom Systems Program
  • Commercial Energy Solutions

Learn more about the EnergyAdvantage® programs by visiting MidAmerican's website or calling

Missouri River Energy Services

Bright Energy Solutions logoMissouri River Energy Services and its member municipal utilities in South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota and Iowa are dedicated to helping residents and businesses use electricity more efficiently. Bright Energy Solutions(SM) is a unique portfolio of energy efficiency cash incentive programs that will help customers reduce their power costs and operate more efficiently. Residential customers may receive rebates for a variety of ENERGY STAR products, LED  lighting, programmable thermostats, and installing or tuning up HVAC equipment. The Bright Energy Solutions program offers incentives to business customers for the installation of high-efficiency equipment in the areas of lighting, heating, cooling, and more. Business customers may also receive incentives to participate in an interruptible service program to help reduce the demand for electricity during peak times.

Contact MRES for more information about any of the Bright Energy Solutions programs.

Montana-Dakota Utilities Co.

Image of a thermostat.Montana-Dakota offers a number of energy efficiency programs for its natural gas and electric customers located in western and north-central South Dakota. Customers may apply for rebates on ENERGY STAR®-rated equipment such as furnaces and programmable thermostats. Montana-Dakota is an ENERGY STAR® Partner Utility that is committed to promoting and educating consumers on energy conservation. Montana-Dakota also partners with local builders, architects, and equipment dealers to promote and educate consumers about energy efficiency.

Contact Montana-Dakota Utilities Co. for more information about the company's commitment to energy efficiency.

NorthWestern Energy

NorthWestern Energy is dedicated to helping all customers control their energy costs. Residential customers can find energy saving tips on the company's Web site or at any local NorthWestern Energy office. NorthWestern Energy holds annual weatherization events to educate customers about cost saving products and do-it-yourself projects.

NorthWestern Energy is one of the largest providers of electricity and natural gas in the Upper Midwest and Northwest, serving approximately 640,000 customers in Montana, South Dakota and Nebraska. Call 1-800-245-6977 for customer service.

Otter Tail Power Company

Image of Radiant Heat Installation.Otter Tail Power Company has energy-efficiency programs in South Dakota. The plan for a public utility cost recovery mechanism and strives to improve energy efficiency where realistic and cost-effective.

The portfolio includes:
  • Residential programs that promote efficient appliances, heating and cooling, lighting, and electric water heating. They also promote electric vehicles, the use of renewable energy resources and the importance of home inspections to look for proper weatherization and insulation.
  • Commercial and industrial programs that promote efficient motors, adjustable speed drives, lighting, heating, cooling and more. Grants also are proposed for other energy-efficiency uses.
  • All customers will have access to financing and education resources.

Find energy-saving tips and ideas including an online energy audit for homes, simple reminders for kids, and help for businesses trying to reduce energy costs. Review details about Otter Tail Power Company's energy efficiency plan.

Xcel Energy

Xcel Energy is committed to helping customers save energy and money. The company offers a number of programs and resources to increase energy efficiency, reduce operating costs and manage energy demand. From rebates for energy-saving equipment to energy assessment studies, new-construction programs and building tune-ups, Xcel Energy programs will help customers save money on their annual energy bills. Xcel Energy also offers electric rate savings programs for customers who agree to reduce their electric load during periods of peak demand. The company has several programs and resources for residential customers and commercial customers.

Request more information from Xcel Energy, visit their website or call 1-800-895-4999.

South Dakota Municipal Electrical Association

Image of Transmission TowersSouth Dakota Municipal Electric Utilities distribute electricity exclusively within the state to 100,000 residents and 56,000 total meters for all customer classes.

Municipal utility personnel routinely attend workshops and conferences on energy efficient applications and equipment for electric distribution systems.

Municipal power supply sources average 42 percent from hydropower, with the balance coming from public power providers.

Municipal electric utilities work in cooperation with their public power providers to improve energy efficiency through:

  • Load management controls
  • Uniform residential rate design
  • Wind energy block sales
  • Interruptible rate design
  • Load factor rate design
  • Line loss testing
  • Demand side management
  • Street light conversions

Find more information on the South Dakota Municipal League's website under "Affiliate Organizations."

South Dakota Rural Electric Association

Promotion of energy efficiency is nothing new; electric cooperatives have been involved in helping their members with energy efficiency and conservation programs for many years. Members learn about energy efficiency, conservation and other cost cutting measures, as well as what co-ops are doing to control costs, incorporate renewables and plan for the future.

Electric cooperatives participate in Touchstone Energy Cooperative’s Together We Save Program aimed at inspiring customer to save energy as they save money. The program offers a variety of tools to use like a Home Efficiency Analysis Tool (H.E.A.T.) or the Home Energy Adventure program. It also provides members with a wide variety of information on home energy efficiency and available incentives.

Find details about these and many other programs available from South Dakota Rural Electric Cooperatives. You'll also find a wealth of information about energy efficiency.